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23 March 2023
Renewable energy

Monsoon Wind: DFIs provide foundation for Laos wind growth

The landmark, and heavily DFI-backed, Monsoon Wind transaction in Laos provides a foundation for further international bank involvement in this fledgling sector. But...

09 March 2023
Climate finance

Sovereign SLBs: Capitalising on NDCs

In 2022, Chile and Uruguay became the first sovereigns to issue sustainability-linked bonds. Through step-ups and step-downs, and with the help of IDB, the two countries...

08 March 2023
Finance and other

DFIs and brokers: Insights from BPL Global and Frontclear on enhancing local money markets

Private insurers and DFIs have been working together to extend the reach of development financing into local capital markets. Charlotte Hampshire, director at BPL Global,...

02 March 2023

SLBs: Broken promise

In January 2023, UK-based NGO Mighty Earth filed a case with the SEC against Brazilian meat-producer JBS for allegedly misleading investors with its sustainability-linked...

01 March 2023

Kicking off 2023 in Miami: Pre-event intelligence with FinDev Canada's Lori Kerr

Lori Kerr, CEO of FinDev Canada, gives a preview of her upcoming talk at the Uxolo & Proximo Latin America Development, Energy & Infrastructure Finance 2023 event, where...

09 February 2023
Finance and other

Are hybrid capital bonds the funding solution MDBs have been searching for?

Hybrid capital bonds have appeal for MDBs because they potentially provide access to new financing without affecting MDB credit ratings. Uxolo explores the intricacies of...

08 February 2023
Climate finance

Illuminating the way to sustainability: TNC's debt-to-nature conversions

Join Slav Gatchev, Managing Director of Sustainable Debt at The Nature Conservancy, as he details the organisation's efforts to tackle the triple crisis affecting...

30 January 2023
Climate finance

Shoptalk: Catalysing eco innovation at the source

The ability to transform deserts into arable land, to pioneer mobile layaway systems for smallholder farmers, or to develop one-tap digital insurance platforms once...

19 January 2023
Renewable energy

Singrobo-Ahouaty: A small hydro IPP ripple effect in sub-Saharan Africa?

The 44MW Singrobo-Ahouaty hydropower project is a pathfinder – the first hydropower IPP to reach financial close in West Africa. While the probability of a rush of...

05 January 2023
Climate finance

Debt-for-nature swaps: Because the environment is worth it

Debt-for-nature swaps are growing in volume and frequency, and could play a significant part in delivering the COP15 biodiversity framework – if more IMF data were...

22 December 2022
Climate finance

COP27: Was it the 'implementation COP'?

COP27 was branded as the ‘implementation COP’ – this was the climate summit meant to finally fulfil financial pledges and translate talk into action. Aside from a few...

08 December 2022

Islamic finance and sustainability: Green shoots but slow growth

There is a shared sense of social responsibility between sustainable and Islamic financing and, as the latter is estimated to reach $4 trillion by 2030, a union could...

01 December 2022

Cleaning up trade finance

The early stages of a project by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) to target money laundering within trade and trade finance has already begun to show results. Catherine...

01 December 2022

Live webinar: A review of development finance market activity 2022

This Wednesday (30 Nov), Uxolo's director Sam McManus and Exile's head of insights and data Alfonso Olivas hosted a live webinar reviewing development finance's market...

23 November 2022
Climate finance, Social projects

Shoptalk: Satgana and investing in climate tech startups

Satgana – which offers pre-seed and seed stage equity to startups offering technological solutions to the climate crisis in Europe and Africa – has reached first close on...

17 November 2022

Mind your exits

The logic of DFI exit mobilisation theory is sound. So why isn’t it happening in a big way in Africa and what are the issues stopping the concept delivering on its...

04 November 2022

Shop talk: OPEC Fund's first COP

The director-general of OPEC Fund Dr Abdulhamid Alkhalifa joined Uxolo for a discussion on COP27, the first COP the institution is actively participating in. The...

27 October 2022
Climate finance, Renewable energy

Quick to promise – slow on delivery again

COP26 featured renewed pledges to deliver on past undelivered financial promises, spawned a number of new grand support schemes and turned up the volume on calls for the...

21 October 2022

Uxolo Global 2022: Event takeaways

At its first global event, Uxolo welcomed DFIs, MDBs, commercial investors, impact investors, pensions funds, and asset managers to The Hague for a full day of...

20 October 2022
Climate finance

Shop talk: Where’s climate finance at?

With COP27 on the horizon, Uxolo spoke to Pedro de Aragao Fernandes, analyst at Climate Policy Initiative to outline one of his co-authored reports, the Global Landscape...

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