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09 November 2023

Reimagining MDBs: ODI’s initial findings on callable capital

MDB callable capital represents an eye-watering $1.2 trillion in nominal terms, although it has yet to be properly quantified or harnessed. ODI, with funding from the MDB...

28 September 2023
Traditional energy

Why 2023 DFIs are not 2012 DFIs

A new study of World Bank trade finance activity glosses over ten years of market evolution.

10 August 2023

From idea to reality: Acre’s Export Finance Funds

Acre Impact Capital previewed the launch of its Export Finance Funds at TXF & Uxolo’s Global Conference 2023 in Lisbon. The first-of-its-kind strategy plans to bring...

25 May 2023
Renewable energy

African renewables’ persistent commercial debt deficit

A review of the IFC’s scaling solar initiative, and what it says about the African project finance market.

20 April 2023

Will emerging markets always be the markets of the future?

Despite DFI emerging markets support, global project finance deal flow has skewed heavily in favour of high-income countries over the last two decades, and the gap...

24 November 2022
Climate finance, Traditional energy

What ETMs can and can’t do for coal-fired power retirements

The recent ACEN ETM to retire the South Luzon coal-fired plant early attracted some controversy over its use of the ETM moniker. But the deal is more promising than was...

18 November 2022

Uxolo Awards 2022 and what it takes to be a winner

Size is not everything in development finance – small transactions can be as, if not more, impactful when they are pathfinders to new markets and asset classes, or...

16 September 2022

Pent up demand for sustainable capital?

Pentagreen, a new, sustainable infrastructure-focused lending platform headed by Marat Zapparov, launched in Singapore last month. Does it have the tools to address...

22 March 2022
Finance and other

Indigenous communities: Are grants or commercial finance the way forward?

Indigenous groups are best placed to protect the rainforests – but how best to finance these communities is a point of contention. Well-meaning and well-financed NGOs...

25 November 2021

AIIB's Benny Zachariah on the bank's climate ambitions

Benny Zachariah, investment officer – financial institutions and syndications, speaks with Uxolo about the Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank's plans to be Paris aligned...

15 November 2021

Danny Alexander: ‘Gas will be part of the transition for Asian developing nations.’

The Scottish MP-turned-vice president of AIIB speaks with Uxolo at COP26 to discuss the bank's climate financing plans, risk appetite, and plans to phase out fossil...

12 May 2021

Building a Beta recovery in Asia

Nick J. Freeman, Associate Fellow at the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies (ISEAS), considers some of the key challenges, old and new, that a post-pandemic K-shaped...

07 May 2020

Impact assessment: Covid-19 and the global development agenda

In the second of a series of insights on the impact of Covid-19 on the global economy, Orbian CEO Tom Dunn interviews Judith Tyson, a fellow at the Overseas Development...