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26 May 2021
Social infrastructure

Development finance ‘paramount’ in fight against AMR pandemic

The world is sleepwalking into a post-antibiotic era, where simple infections become deadly. Looking to halt the march of this ‘silent pandemic’, the EIB and BioVersys...

18 May 2021

Understanding ECAs: Smoothing an uneasy multi-sourced alliance?

Because of their very different lending and cover mandates, ECAs and DFIs have long been fractious allies in big-ticket multi-sourced project financing in emerging...

12 May 2021

Building a Beta recovery in Asia

Nick J. Freeman, Associate Fellow at the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies (ISEAS), considers some of the key challenges, old and new, that a post-pandemic K-shaped...

10 May 2021

Earth Security's founder Alejandro Litovsky on climate finance

Sam McManus, Director at Uxolo Development Finance talks with Alejandro Litovsky, Founder & CEO, Earth Security on climate finance and making carbon an investable market...

05 May 2021

How development banks can lead trade finance’s blockchain transition

In a deal that will save weeks in processing time, African development bank TDB is using blockchain technology to finance $400 million-worth of fertiliser trade finance...

30 April 2021

Pangea-Risk's Dr. Robert Besseling, CEO, on the IMF in Africa

Sam McManus talks to Dr. Robert Besseling, Founder and CEO of PANGEA-RISK, about the historical and existing role of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), especially in...

29 April 2021

The EU gears up for development finance framework

The EU is currently considering a financial framework for European multilateral and bilateral development banks – under the EFAD umbrella. But, as Paul Mudde, consultant...

27 April 2021

African PPP: from drawing board to reality

David Baxter, senior advisor to the UNECE-affiliated International Sustainable Resilience Center for PPPs (ISRC), considers the potential for PPP as an alternative source...

22 April 2021

MIGA's Hoda Moustafa, Africa Regional Head, on successful solar power project models

Sam McManus at Uxolo Development Finance talks to Hoda Moustafa, Africa Regional Head at Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA) about successful solar power...

21 April 2021
Social infrastructure

New impact fund to address ‘systemic underfunding’ of public health research

Adjuvant’s $300 million fund has assembled a wide range of development financiers and impact investors to finance new technologies that can combat public health crises...

15 April 2021

EBRD's Matthew Jordan-Tank, Director, Sustainable Infrastructure Policy, on mobilising capital

Listen to this week's podcast where Sam McManus, Director at Uxolo Development Finance, talks with Matthew Jordan-Tank, Director, Sustainable Infrastructure Policy and...

15 April 2021
Agriculture/food chain

DFC bets on blended finance for nature-based climate solutions

The US’ DFI is looking to use de-risking instruments such as credit guarantees to attract diverse groups of investors into projects that use nature to combat...

06 April 2021
Agriculture/food chain

DFIs and impact investors crowd into Phatisa’s $143m African food fund

CDC, Norfund, Finnfund, FinDev Canada, and BIO have all committed to the fund, which will invest across the African food value chain in order to reduce the continent’s...

31 March 2021
Renewable energy

DFIs go off-grid

March has seen a flurry of new financing commitments for off-grid renewable energy projects as DFIs look to accelerate deal flow in the fast-maturing sector.

19 March 2021
Renewable energy

Pretty green: Mangroves could be a $12bn climate finance market

A Pakistan-based case study led by the UK’s development finance institution, CDC Group, demonstrated the investment case for a mangrove restoration project next to a wind...

03 March 2021
Agriculture/food chain

DFIs bolster Africa’s Great Green Wall

At last month’s One Planet Summit for Biodiversity, the likes of the EIB, AfDB, AFD, and World Bank committed a total $14.3 billion of new climate finance to the...

18 February 2021

Changing direction

After four year's of Trump's America First policies, what will be Biden’s approach to development finance? Uxolo caught up with David Baxter, a 25-year international...

08 February 2021

DFIs mobilise $175bn of private finance for SDGs

A recent joint report by 27 development finance institutions shows a global push to stimulate more private finance for the SGDs has yielded a 9% year-on-year increase in...

14 January 2021

IADB’s CFO on the value of MDB exposure exchanges

The ADB and the IADB recently agreed a $1 billion exposure exchange agreement, but the benefits of the instrument are not always the same for the MBDs, reveals IADB’s...

05 January 2021

2020: Impact investment’s breakthrough year

The global sustainability focus of recent years has seen impact investing growth accelerate rapidly: Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN) estimates the size of the...