Uxolo Development Finance Projects of the Year Awards nominations are now closed!

Whilst you can no longer nominate deals for the Projects of the Year awards, you can still submit your projects! Any projects submitted to us by 8th January will be included in our 2023 data report and league tables.

Email with your project information.


Uxolo's Projects of the Year Awards are the industry gold-standard for excellence in development and impact finance. Uxolo recognises outstanding projects across all regions and sectors, regardless of size.

Submissions are now closed for Uxolo’s Projects of the Year Awards 2023! Submit your remaining 2023 projects to – whilst they cannot be nominated for an award, they will be included in our 2023 data report and league tables.


The submission form includes the information that Uxolo requires to be able to assess a transaction's eligibility, outstanding features, and to allow the market to vote on its merits.

Projects may already be present on our online data platform. Please click here to see if you project already exists. If so, please check our entry for accuracy, and suggest any changes or additional roles on the project, as well as let us know why that project is exceptional, innovative, or influential.

Eligible transactions will be any development or impact project that was approved or funded during the latest calendar year. While we will focus on financings with a development impact we might consider pure philanthropic or grant projects with an interesting or influential structure or goals. The categories we award in are not fixed, and will reflect levels of market activity, but you are welcome to suggest categories based on past awards winners.

When should I submit?

The deadline for submissions is 31 December 2023. If your project is likely to close towards the end of 2023, Uxolo strongly recommends that you submit details of the transaction under embargo so that they can be reviewed for eligibility. Any embargo would be lifted at signing. Alternatively you may request an extension to gather relevant information, but at the same time as requesting please provide the project sector and region so that any relevant category can be left open. An extension may not be automatically granted.

Can I leave some fields blank?

There may be instances when you are unable to provide all of the required information, say because you or your client are unable or unwilling to disclose certain details. In general, the more detail we receive, the easier it is to decide on the merits of the transaction, and ideally we should see any evidence you have for an assertion you make in your rationale for submission. At a minimum we would need to know the overall size of the transaction, the debt size and the names of all firms that worked on the project , but projects with minimal details will be at a disadvantage.

Download Submission Form

The process

Submission form

Prepare a submission with all the project data using our form or any other that you may have done for other platforms

Email the information to us

Please use the following email address to submit your information:

Information review

Our team will verify the submission and be in touch with any questions

Project voting

Once the information is complete our analysts will upload the project and it will available for the market to vote via our projects database here

Awards selection

Winning projects will be decided by a judging panel and peer voting throughout via our projects database here

Awards notification

Winners will be notified privately in February and March, with formal recognition at our awards celebration to follow in the second quarter of 2024