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13 July 2022

CIDEF's Professor Nicholas Biekpe on the academic support of development finance

Middle East & Africa

Professor Nicholas Biekpe, Chairman of the Chartered Institute of Development Finance at The University of Cape Town Graduate School of Business speaks with Uxolo on how academia is furthering the support of development finance in Africa.

Professor Nicholas Biekpe introduces the Chartered Institute of Development Finance (CIDEF) and how since its inception in 2016 the CIDEF seeks to serve as a professional body for development finance professionals (02:07), how CIDEF’s academic council works directly with DFIs to create programmes that equip its members with relevant development finance material (08:43). 

The importance of having local expertise trained and accredited on the continent to enable non-stock market entrepreneurs’ to access micro finance (15:00) and the role of DFIs in de-risking and providing low interest rate loans to support smallholder farmers (16:49) how CIDEFs short-courses on topics such as, micro-lending are helping to build capacity, positively impacting rural communities (19:25) the need for government initiatives and DFIs to create training resources to support Africans in utilising development finance (30:25).

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