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27 April 2023
Climate finance, Finance and other

Measuring climate ambition

Chile and Uruguay’s pathfinder sovereign SLBs are inspiring other countries to consider their own SLB debut. But as the instrument gains popularity, it will be vital to...

20 April 2023

Will emerging markets always be the markets of the future?

Despite DFI emerging markets support, global project finance deal flow has skewed heavily in favour of high-income countries over the last two decades, and the gap...

13 April 2023
Climate finance

Nature-based solutions: Can plants come with profit?

Nature-based solutions are one of the world’s most powerful tools for capturing and storing carbon, protecting coastlines, reducing rising temperatures, and safeguarding...

05 April 2023

Lula’s interest rate fight will decide future role for BNDES

There are confusing signals about what the role of BNDES will be under the new Lula administration. Will the bank continue to stimulate more private sector funding for...

03 April 2023

Uxolo Pathfinder Awards 2022: Small can be beautiful

The financings, grants and guarantees that punched above their weight in 2022. Uxolo picks the winners and looks at why they’ll have a big impact.

30 March 2023

Shoptalk: DFC’s upcoming pipeline in Africa and LATAM

Jeremy Bennett, managing director of structured finance at US International Development Finance Corporation (DFC), outlines the DFI’s strategic priorities for 2023 – from...

23 March 2023
Renewable energy

Monsoon Wind: DFIs provide foundation for Laos wind growth

The landmark, and heavily DFI-backed, Monsoon Wind transaction in Laos provides a foundation for further international bank involvement in this fledgling sector. But...

17 March 2023

Solid greens

Are all project finance loans requiring of the same level of ESG due diligence? Arguably not if a recent report by Moody’s has got its numbers right.

09 March 2023
Climate finance

Sovereign SLBs: Capitalising on NDCs

In 2022, Chile and Uruguay became the first sovereigns to issue sustainability-linked bonds. Through step-ups and step-downs, and with the help of IDB, the two countries...

08 March 2023
Finance and other

DFIs and brokers: Insights from BPL Global and Frontclear on enhancing local money markets

Private insurers and DFIs have been working together to extend the reach of development financing into local capital markets. Charlotte Hampshire, director at BPL Global,...

02 March 2023

SLBs: Broken promise

In January 2023, UK-based NGO Mighty Earth filed a case with the SEC against Brazilian meat-producer JBS for allegedly misleading investors with its sustainability-linked...

01 March 2023

Kicking off 2023 in Miami: Pre-event intelligence with FinDev Canada's Lori Kerr

Lori Kerr, CEO of FinDev Canada, gives a preview of her upcoming talk at the Uxolo & Proximo Latin America Development, Energy & Infrastructure Finance 2023 event, where...

23 February 2023
Waste and water

And for its next trick…

How do you finance a Vietnamese water purifying project without lending to it? Last week the World Bank did just that via the issue of its second outcome-based bond.

17 February 2023
Social infrastructure

Are DFIs doing enough to support EV infrastructure growth?

DFI support for EV charging infrastructure is growing – slowly. The scale of support is still very low given the size of the investment requirement, and the focus to date...

09 February 2023
Finance and other

Are hybrid capital bonds the funding solution MDBs have been searching for?

Hybrid capital bonds have appeal for MDBs because they potentially provide access to new financing without affecting MDB credit ratings. Uxolo explores the intricacies of...

08 February 2023
Climate finance

Illuminating the way to sustainability: TNC's debt-to-nature conversions

Join Slav Gatchev, Managing Director of Sustainable Debt at The Nature Conservancy, as he details the organisation's efforts to tackle the triple crisis affecting...

02 February 2023
Renewable energy

Uzbekistan renewables: The great Tashkent DFI cash dash

If a template were needed for DFIs and MDBs on how to kick-start and accelerate a developing market renewables sector – Uzbekistan would be a prime candidate. The project...

30 January 2023
Climate finance

Shoptalk: Catalysing eco innovation at the source

The ability to transform deserts into arable land, to pioneer mobile layaway systems for smallholder farmers, or to develop one-tap digital insurance platforms once...

26 January 2023
Traditional energy

Dhaka has a feedstock problem - DFI debt recycling could be part of the answer

Despite all the market uncertainties over the ongoing affordability of gas feedstock for Bangladesh's power sector, international commercial lenders appear to have...

19 January 2023
Renewable energy

Singrobo-Ahouaty: A small hydro IPP ripple effect in sub-Saharan Africa?

The 44MW Singrobo-Ahouaty hydropower project is a pathfinder – the first hydropower IPP to reach financial close in West Africa. While the probability of a rush of...