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07 May 2024

Shona Tatchell: EBRD's new head of trade facilitation on digitalisation and sustainability

In her first interview since her appointment on 7 May, Shona Tatchell, the new head of trade and supply chain finance, European Bank for Reconstruction & Development...

03 May 2024

Greasing the cogs of ECA and DFI cooperation

Could the recent rapid growth in untied ECA lending make collaboration with DFIs and MDBs easier in the future?

26 April 2024
Finance and other

MDB callable capital: What's next?

After a year's research, ODI has released six papers detailing the legal, policy, budgetary, stress, risk, and financial implications of MDB callable capital – research...

22 March 2024
Finance and other

CDB's Solomon talks challenges and change

Climate change grabs the global headlines but it is not the only major issue facing the nations of the Caribbean. Isaac Solomon, Acting President of the Caribbean...

02 February 2024
Finance and other

Sanchez sworn to reform

Cabei’s new president doesn’t believe in coincidence and believes her private sector career has readied her to lead central America’s development bank. The timing of her...

23 November 2023
Climate finance

Will COP28 speed up change?

With COP28 due to kick off at the end of month and, based on previous COP outcomes, expectations of progress low, Uxolo takes a look at what progress MDBs have been...

09 November 2023

Reimagining MDBs: ODI’s initial findings on callable capital

MDB callable capital represents an eye-watering $1.2 trillion in nominal terms, although it has yet to be properly quantified or harnessed. ODI, with funding from the MDB...

20 October 2023
Renewable energy, Traditional energy

Improving the bankability of green hydrogen projects: A closer look at offtakes

DFI and MDB support will be required for hydrogen projects in promising developing markets like Africa. But offtake contracts will be key – and even in developed markets...

05 October 2023
Renewable energy

Growing the African carbon credit pot

The Africa Carbon Markets Initiative (ACMI) has secured $650 million of commitments for future carbon credits at the inaugural Africa Climate Summit. And given Africa’s...

04 September 2023

Baltica III: A delay to Poland’s fledgling offshore wind sector

Poland’s offshore wind sector remains in project finance infancy with no deal precedents to provide a viable financial template. And now, the 1GW Baltica III wind project...

22 June 2023
Finance and other

CRDCs: Another useful tool for DFIs, MDBs and ECAs?

CRDCs in MDB loans are a step in the right direction for emerging markets debt management. But their application to sovereign bonds is more difficult. And be under no...

05 May 2023
Renewable energy, Traditional energy

Different paths

Are multilateral development banks (MDBs) and export credit agencies (ECAs) pulling in the same direction when it comes to energy transition? The PR says they are – the...

19 January 2023
Renewable energy

Singrobo-Ahouaty: A small hydro IPP ripple effect in sub-Saharan Africa?

The 44MW Singrobo-Ahouaty hydropower project is a pathfinder – the first hydropower IPP to reach financial close in West Africa. While the probability of a rush of...

20 December 2022

Top development finance trends from 2022

The biggest trends across the development finance market in 2022 have been outlined by Uxolo's editorial team, with each one expected to spill over into 2023 and beyond.

23 November 2022
Climate finance, Social projects

Shoptalk: Satgana and investing in climate tech startups

Satgana – which offers pre-seed and seed stage equity to startups offering technological solutions to the climate crisis in Europe and Africa – has reached first close on...

03 November 2022
Traditional energy

Digging for answers to the coal-fired conundrum

Hopes are high that COP27 will be more action than words on phasing out coal-fired power. The ADB and CIF are both actively promoting coal-fired power early retirement...

12 May 2022

An opening for sustainability-linked debt in project finance?

Corporate borrowers and lenders have responded enthusiastically to the concept of sustainability-linked lending. Jennifer Charles and Ryan Ayrton, London-based partners...

18 March 2022
Finance and other

DFIs step up support for Ukrainian refugees

Learning from their experience of supporting Syrian refugees in 2015, Germany’s KfW has swiftly replicated the financial model to house Ukrainian refugees.

04 November 2021

COP26: Financing alliance pledges $10bn for equitable energy transition

The ground-breaking coalition of philanthropies, multilateral and development finance institutions, and governments aims to unlock $100 billion of investment in green...

30 September 2021
Renewable energy, Traditional energy

The hidden world of Chinese development finance revealed

Analysing close to $1 trillion worth of Chinese development projects since the turn of the millennium, a new report reveals that China now spends over double its closest...