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07 May 2024

Shona Tatchell: EBRD's new head of trade facilitation on digitalisation and sustainability

In her first interview since her appointment on 7 May, Shona Tatchell, the new head of trade and supply chain finance, European Bank for Reconstruction & Development...

28 February 2024
Finance and other

New Brazilian infra law calms fears of BNDES expansion

Brazil's new infrastructure law has been broadly welcomed by the project finance market. In addition to providing stimulus for a wider infrastructure investor base, the...

02 February 2024
Finance and other

Sanchez sworn to reform

Cabei’s new president doesn’t believe in coincidence and believes her private sector career has readied her to lead central America’s development bank. The timing of her...

30 October 2023

Impact finance – the secret to scale is in the blend (part two)

Impact investment and blended finance – both key strategies in attracting private sector funding into energy transition, particularly in developing markets. So how to...

22 August 2023

Impact finance – the secret to scale is in the blend (part one)

Impact investment and blended finance – both key strategies in attracting private sector funding into energy transition, particularly in developing markets. So how to...

10 August 2023

From idea to reality: Acre’s Export Finance Funds

Acre Impact Capital previewed the launch of its Export Finance Funds at TXF & Uxolo’s Global Conference 2023 in Lisbon. The first-of-its-kind strategy plans to bring...

27 July 2023

Uxolo Global 2023: Looking back on a year of landmarks with ADB

ADB had another successful year in 2022, signing off on several financial firsts for the multilateral. Uxolo outlines some of the landmark deals of 2022, and hears from...

05 April 2023

Lula’s interest rate fight will decide future role for BNDES

There are confusing signals about what the role of BNDES will be under the new Lula administration. Will the bank continue to stimulate more private sector funding for...

03 April 2023

Uxolo Pathfinder Awards 2022: Small can be beautiful

The financings, grants and guarantees that punched above their weight in 2022. Uxolo picks the winners and looks at why they’ll have a big impact.

09 March 2023
Climate finance

Sovereign SLBs: Capitalising on NDCs

In 2022, Chile and Uruguay became the first sovereigns to issue sustainability-linked bonds. Through step-ups and step-downs, and with the help of IDB, the two countries...

08 February 2023
Climate finance

Illuminating the way to sustainability: TNC's debt-to-nature conversions

Join Slav Gatchev, Managing Director of Sustainable Debt at The Nature Conservancy, as he details the organisation's efforts to tackle the triple crisis affecting...

13 January 2023
Manufacturing, Renewable energy

Northvolt and Britishvolt: How and how not to finance major energy transition projects

With access to significant DFI backing and offtakers as equity investors, the contrast between the highly successful Northvolt EV battery gigafactory programme and the...

12 January 2023
Finance and other, Social projects

Introducing the Mastercard Foundation Africa Growth Fund - Part one

Two-part series with Investisseurs et Partenaires (I&P) and Mennonite Economic Development Associates (MEDA).

10 November 2022

Unlocking more productivity: IFC redefines its Latin infra focus

There was a time when the IFC was all about infrastructure – especially in Latin America. Physical construction works that boosted GDP in the short-term and upgraded...

29 September 2022

IDB Invest’s Ferreira commits to sustainable funding

IDB Invest has committed to an ambitious 40% target of ‘climate and green finance’ by 2025. Orlando Ferreira, the bank’s CFO, says that what that means in practical terms...

15 September 2022

Crowd funding - but not as we know it

Are DFIs crowding out or hindering the private sector on deals that could have been financed without DFI/MDB direct loans? Many in the commercial market believe so and...

01 September 2022

Greenwashing: are regulators going to get on top of it?

Coherent global greenwashing regulation and ESG transparency is as much a problem for the private sector as development finance if the two are to complement each other in...

25 August 2022

Uxolo Development Finance Awards 2021: The DFI-backed infra super deals

In the second part of the inaugural Uxolo Awards we look at the best DFI-backed infrastructure deals of 2021 - projects and funding that are key to wider economic...

02 August 2022

Which African sovereigns are most likely to default?

Since the start of the pandemic only two African countries have defaulted on their sovereign debt, in large part because of remedial action by multilaterals and DFIs. But...

28 June 2022
Climate finance, Health/education programmes

ILX Fund I: Six months on and no longer counting

As ILX Fund I hits its $1.05 billion target in commitments – diversification of the portfolio, co-financing with MDBs and DFIs, and allocation at scale are some of the...