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02 March 2022
Agriculture/food chain, Finance and other, Health/education programmes, IT and telecoms, Manufacturing, Mining, Renewable energy, Social infrastructure, Social projects, Traditional energy, Waste and water

DFI cooperation: a future casualty of war?

From the balance sheet to the boardroom, the implications for some DFIs and supranationals from Putin’s invasion of Ukraine are more than just indirect hits from...

24 February 2022
Renewable energy

Greek project finance on the mend

Since the country's financial meltdown, project finance lending in Greece has slowly made a comeback in tandem with DFI support for a growing renewable energy and PPP...

18 February 2022

Landmark synthetic bond in Sierra Leonean leone

The FMO and TCX-issued bond aims to transfer currency risk from solar energy investments to Western investors.

18 February 2022

Fondaction's Pierre-Laurent Macridis on impact investing in Canada

Associate Principal, Private, Alternative & Impact Investments at Fondaction, Pierre-Laurent Macridis, speaks to Uxolo about impact investing in Quebec, their funds, and...

10 February 2022

Is faith-based finance making a dent in impact investing?

With their values aligned with SDGs, faith-based investors are looking to climate finance and social impact projects, while keeping their risk low and returns steady.

03 February 2022
Renewable energy

A change of Uzbek wind speed and direction?

Although the Uzbek wind sector is still in its infancy, a host of recent legislative reforms, and the first project tendered under those reforms, could spur an...

31 January 2022

Systemiq's Jennifer Ring on financing the protection of coral reefs

Jennifer Ring, associate for sustainable finance at Systemiq, speaks with Uxolo about the Global Fund for Coral Reefs, a blended finance instrument set up to mobilise...

28 January 2022

Mobilising capital for emerging markets in a new way

With an investment from Netherland’s largest pension fund manager APG, Amsterdam-based fund management group ILX has launched an emerging market focused private credit...

28 January 2022

DEG's Natalie de Wit-Solounov on gender lens in development finance

Natalie de Wit-Solounov, head of financial institutions debt Asia/EMECA, DEG, speaks with Uxolo about the significance of gender-focused projects for the growth of...

20 January 2022
Agriculture/food chain

How do we finance dietary transition?

While impact investors are driving the plant-based meats industry, what might be the effect on livelihoods and the emerging markets, and are public financial institutions...

14 January 2022
Agriculture/food chain

Canal Sugar: An on-lend blend

Egypt's Canal Sugar deal, closed toward the end of last year, incorporates both multi-sourced and multi-currency debt, achieving the blend via an innovative use of...

11 January 2022

FMO's Jorim Schraven on biodiversity and the financial sector

Uxolo speaks with Jorim Schraven, the director of impact and ESG department at FMO, a Dutch development bank, about the significance of biodiversity and nature-positive...

04 January 2022

Uxolo Development Finance Pathfinder awards 2021 - get involved!

The nominations for the Uxolo Development Finance Pathfinder awards 2021 are now open. These awards recognise the crucial work Development Banks of all sizes have done...

23 December 2021

HSBC's Christian Deseglise on commercially financing Net Zero

Uxolo speaks with Christian Deseglise, Head of Sustainable Finance at HSBC about his reactions to COP26 in Glasgow, and how commercial banks are working with development...

14 December 2021

Bigger and bolder: Inside Climate Investor 2

Following the $675 million first close of CI2, Uxolo caught up with Climate Fund Managers’ George Beukering to find how the new blended finance investment vehicle has...

09 December 2021

Uxolo Development Finance Report: Top five takeaways

By combining our inhouse project database, survey results and interviews, Uxolo’s Develpment Finance Report provides the most comprehensive landscape to date of what...

03 December 2021

The world's first sustainability ‘re-linked’ bond

Debuting a novel ‘step-down’ clause, Bank of China's recent $300 million notes offering looks to introduce sustainability-linked loans to the clout of the global bond...

01 December 2021

Using blended finance to retire coal power plants

'Phasing down' of fossil fuels may have been the biggest criticism of COP26, while measures like the ADB-led Energy Transition Mechanism are looking at innovative...

26 November 2021

Adaptation finance steps out of the shadows

Flying under the radar at the recent COP26 summit, finance for climate adaptation is finally receiving its due attention in the climate-action agenda.

25 November 2021

AIIB's Benny Zachariah on the bank's climate ambitions

Benny Zachariah, investment officer – financial institutions and syndications, speaks with Uxolo about the Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank's plans to be Paris aligned...