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14 September 2023

African infrastructure: Taking the local funding route

Financing the $170 billion African infrastructure gap using domestic capital pools isn’t quite a pie in the sky – there are several financing tools that are already...

07 September 2023
Climate finance, Traditional energy

Gabon investor confidence flagging?

The coup in Gabon could not have been worse timing for the country's recent debt-for-nature swap and has made investors anxious – but DFI-backed deals appear to be...

04 September 2023

Baltica III: A delay to Poland’s fledgling offshore wind sector

Poland’s offshore wind sector remains in project finance infancy with no deal precedents to provide a viable financial template. And now, the 1GW Baltica III wind project...

22 August 2023

Impact finance – the secret to scale is in the blend (part one)

Impact investment and blended finance – both key strategies in attracting private sector funding into energy transition, particularly in developing markets. So how to...

16 August 2023

Talking shop: IDA's under the radar initiatives

Of the World Bank Group’s lending arms, IBRD, IFC, and MIGA are familiar names to most financiers. But IDA is less often in the press, despite its critical development...

10 August 2023

From idea to reality: Acre’s Export Finance Funds

Acre Impact Capital previewed the launch of its Export Finance Funds at TXF & Uxolo’s Global Conference 2023 in Lisbon. The first-of-its-kind strategy plans to bring...

04 August 2023
IT and telecoms

Build it and the data will come

The data revolution could be a relatively cheap and key driver for accelerating African development and finance across multiple sectors. But first it needs digital...

27 July 2023

Uxolo Global 2023: Looking back on a year of landmarks with ADB

ADB had another successful year in 2022, signing off on several financial firsts for the multilateral. Uxolo outlines some of the landmark deals of 2022, and hears from...

21 July 2023
Traditional energy

Signs of life in African T&D

Despite being one of the most essential components of energy value chains, investment in transmission and distribution (T&D) in Africa has been all but moribund. However,...

14 July 2023
Finance and other

What’s in a name?

BII has released its first annual accounts since the name change from CDC and the start of its five-year investment strategy. Was the name change just a rebranding or...

07 July 2023
Waste and water

Where's the liquidity for Sub-Saharan African water?

The water sector in Sub-Saharan Africa is facing a growing investment crisis against a backdrop of climate change and inevitable water scarcity. PPP and blended finance...

06 July 2023

Uxolo Global 2023: AFC's Ajebo on African institutions for Africa

During the TXF and Uxolo Global 2023 conference in Lisbon, the team managed to corner some of the leading experts in development finance to ask them about their years so...

29 June 2023

Recycling SDRs - the alternatives on the block

Calls for the reform of IMF’s Special Drawing Rights (SDRs) are getting louder – the volume was pumped up to high at the last AfDB meeting. Uxolo talks to Hassatou Diop...

22 June 2023
Finance and other

CRDCs: Another useful tool for DFIs, MDBs and ECAs?

CRDCs in MDB loans are a step in the right direction for emerging markets debt management. But their application to sovereign bonds is more difficult. And be under no...

08 June 2023

The big one: Uxolo 2022 Development Finance Report

The Uxolo annual report is officially out, covering a year of development finance transaction activity against a background of conflating global crises. This first...

31 May 2023

JPM DFI: It might not be a traditional DFI, but it doesn’t need to be

Three years ago, a couple of months before the Covid-19 pandemic began, JP Morgan launched the world’s first private DFI (JPM DFI). Adopting the DFI moniker has proven a...

25 May 2023
Renewable energy

African renewables’ persistent commercial debt deficit

A review of the IFC’s scaling solar initiative, and what it says about the African project finance market.

19 May 2023
Climate finance

Matching the tool to the job

Sovereign SLBs are attracting a lot of attention as a potential energy transition and distressed debt solution. But are they fit for purpose?

12 May 2023
Climate finance

Darwin would be chuffed

Ecuador’s record volume Galapagos deal has busted concerns about repeatability and scalability of debt-for-nature swaps.

05 May 2023
Renewable energy, Traditional energy

Different paths

Are multilateral development banks (MDBs) and export credit agencies (ECAs) pulling in the same direction when it comes to energy transition? The PR says they are – the...