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02 August 2022

Which African sovereigns are most likely to default?

Since the start of the pandemic only two African countries have defaulted on their sovereign debt, in large part because of remedial action by multilaterals and DFIs. But...

02 August 2022
Health/education programmes, Social projects

Bupa Asia Limited's Rodney Gollo on healthcare investment in Asia

Rodney Gollo, Head of Risk at Bupa Asia Limited, explains how SDG 3s bid to lower global health disparities in emerging markets requires investment into broader systemic...

29 July 2022
Finance and other

MDB capital adequacy report: A mixed reception

The G20 mandated independent review of multilateral development banks’ (MDB) capital adequacy frameworks is out and has some key recommendations that could significantly...

18 July 2022
Social infrastructure

EV fleet footings

The recent FDN and Proparco financing for Colombia’s Green Movil electric bus fleet project might yet create a path for commercial banks to participate in the country’s...

13 July 2022
Agriculture/food chain, Health/education programmes

CIDEF's Professor Nicholas Biekpe on the academic support of development finance

Professor Nicholas Biekpe, Chairman of the Chartered Institute of Development Finance at The University of Cape Town Graduate School of Business speaks with Uxolo on how...

12 July 2022
Health/education programmes

Aspen Pharma: Great financing but where's the procurement support?

The Aspen Pharma deal was expected to fund Africa's first homegrown industrial scale Covid-19 vaccine production. There was nothing wrong with the financing or the...

05 July 2022
Finance and other

MOBILIST's Tara Sabre Collier on challenges of delivering sustainable capital flows

Tara Sabre Collier, team leader at MOBILIST, the UK's flagship green investment programme for developing economies, speaks with Uxolo about driving ESG investments in...

28 June 2022
Climate finance, Health/education programmes

ILX Fund I: Six months on and no longer counting

As ILX Fund I hits its $1.05 billion target in commitments – diversification of the portfolio, co-financing with MDBs and DFIs, and allocation at scale are some of the...

23 June 2022
Climate finance

Green Climate Fund’s Oyun Sanjaasuren on climate mitigation and adaptation

Dr. Oyun Sanjaasuren, the director of external affairs at Green Climate Fund speaks with Uxolo about the importance of financing climate mitigation and adaptation in the...

23 June 2022
Social infrastructure

South Commuter Railway Project: ADB turns up the volume

The high infrastructure competitiveness index of the Philippines and years of underspending on infrastructure make it an attractive market for ADB to invest in...

16 June 2022
Social projects

Is private capital the way forward for inclusive healthcare in Asia?

The Asian healthcare sector is increasingly being driven by private investments. But the challenge is in funding private healthcare businesses at scale.

10 June 2022
Climate finance, Social projects

BII’s five-year goal: doubling up climate and gender finance

Recently rebranded from Commonwealth Development Corporation (CDC) to British International Investment (BII), does the replacement of development with investment signal a...

10 June 2022
Climate finance

AFC's Taiwo Adeniji on just transition in Africa

Taiwo Adenji, senior director, portfolio management and optimisation, Africa Finance Corporation (AFC) speaks with Uxolo about the efforts for just transition in the...

30 May 2022

On the ground at AfDB

The 57th AfDB Annual Meetings, held last week in Accra, produced a host of new initiative announcements and deal signings. But the unofficial shop-talk has just as much...

26 May 2022
Finance and other

Capital adequacy inadequacy

Will the sky fall in if multilateral development banks include callable capital in their capital adequacy ratios?

19 May 2022

How is climate finance incorporating ‘just transition’?

Although there is no widely accepted definition of just transition, the agenda is gaining popularity among DFIs, MDBs and impact investors, particularly in the emerging...

12 May 2022

An opening for sustainability-linked debt in project finance?

Corporate borrowers and lenders have responded enthusiastically to the concept of sustainability-linked lending. Jennifer Charles and Ryan Ayrton, London-based partners...

06 May 2022

How are investors measuring impact?

Rife with greenwashing, lack of data, incoherent metrics, and costly due-diligence process, impact investors have struggled with measuring the impact of their...

28 April 2022
Finance and other, Renewable energy, Traditional energy

Are emerging markets gaining from institutional investments in climate finance?

While asset managers and institutional investors are key to unlocking scalable private capital for climate action, emerging markets are lagging behind in institutional...

22 April 2022
Renewable energy, Traditional energy

Under the radar: Electricity transmission in Pakistan

FMO and Proparco’s seven-year loan to Pakistani electricity provider K-Electric to finance the upgrade of its transmission system is arguably the replicable bankable...