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17 May 2024
Social infrastructure, Traditional energy

Financing last-mile connections in Africa

Low-income household energy projects in Africa are increasingly being financed via securitisation structures. The deals are relatively small, but the impact could prove...

18 April 2024

Uxolo Pathfinder Awards 2023: A tale of two climates

Against the backdrop of an increasingly risky economic climate and growing demand from borrowers, the development finance sector continues to push the boundaries on...

14 December 2023
Climate finance

COP28: Progress - but not as we need it

Has COP28 really delivered the beginning of the end for fossil fuels? Probably not, and certainly not in the timescale required by climate science.

23 November 2023
Climate finance

Will COP28 speed up change?

With COP28 due to kick off at the end of month and, based on previous COP outcomes, expectations of progress low, Uxolo takes a look at what progress MDBs have been...

30 October 2023

Impact finance – the secret to scale is in the blend (part two)

Impact investment and blended finance – both key strategies in attracting private sector funding into energy transition, particularly in developing markets. So how to...

20 October 2023
Renewable energy, Traditional energy

Improving the bankability of green hydrogen projects: A closer look at offtakes

DFI and MDB support will be required for hydrogen projects in promising developing markets like Africa. But offtake contracts will be key – and even in developed markets...

07 September 2023
Climate finance, Traditional energy

Gabon investor confidence flagging?

The coup in Gabon could not have been worse timing for the country's recent debt-for-nature swap and has made investors anxious – but DFI-backed deals appear to be...

22 August 2023

Impact finance – the secret to scale is in the blend (part one)

Impact investment and blended finance – both key strategies in attracting private sector funding into energy transition, particularly in developing markets. So how to...

14 July 2023
Finance and other

What’s in a name?

BII has released its first annual accounts since the name change from CDC and the start of its five-year investment strategy. Was the name change just a rebranding or...

07 July 2023
Waste and water

Where's the liquidity for Sub-Saharan African water?

The water sector in Sub-Saharan Africa is facing a growing investment crisis against a backdrop of climate change and inevitable water scarcity. PPP and blended finance...

22 June 2023
Finance and other

CRDCs: Another useful tool for DFIs, MDBs and ECAs?

CRDCs in MDB loans are a step in the right direction for emerging markets debt management. But their application to sovereign bonds is more difficult. And be under no...

19 May 2023
Climate finance

Matching the tool to the job

Sovereign SLBs are attracting a lot of attention as a potential energy transition and distressed debt solution. But are they fit for purpose?

12 May 2023
Climate finance

Darwin would be chuffed

Ecuador’s record volume Galapagos deal has busted concerns about repeatability and scalability of debt-for-nature swaps.

05 May 2023
Renewable energy, Traditional energy

Different paths

Are multilateral development banks (MDBs) and export credit agencies (ECAs) pulling in the same direction when it comes to energy transition? The PR says they are – the...

17 March 2023

Solid greens

Are all project finance loans requiring of the same level of ESG due diligence? Arguably not if a recent report by Moody’s has got its numbers right.

23 February 2023
Waste and water

And for its next trick…

How do you finance a Vietnamese water purifying project without lending to it? Last week the World Bank did just that via the issue of its second outcome-based bond.

17 February 2023
Social infrastructure

Are DFIs doing enough to support EV infrastructure growth?

DFI support for EV charging infrastructure is growing – slowly. The scale of support is still very low given the size of the investment requirement, and the focus to date...

02 February 2023
Renewable energy

Uzbekistan renewables: The great Tashkent DFI cash dash

If a template were needed for DFIs and MDBs on how to kick-start and accelerate a developing market renewables sector – Uzbekistan would be a prime candidate. The project...

26 January 2023
Traditional energy

Dhaka has a feedstock problem - DFI debt recycling could be part of the answer

Despite all the market uncertainties over the ongoing affordability of gas feedstock for Bangladesh's power sector, international commercial lenders appear to have...

13 January 2023
Manufacturing, Renewable energy

Northvolt and Britishvolt: How and how not to finance major energy transition projects

With access to significant DFI backing and offtakers as equity investors, the contrast between the highly successful Northvolt EV battery gigafactory programme and the...